Looking back.


The beard was a little shorted and I look a lot younger. The triumph still doesn’t work. This was on my first attempted road trip with Sam, Rob and phil. Mad it as far as Reading or so then broke down. We carried on to the Gower peninsular. Sam crashed his bike into a paddock avoiding horses and flipped it at least a few times. Me and rob pinned it back to london 2 up on his thruxton. Good times.

DSC01907This seems like forever ago. Thats the honda cj in the background and my triumph as it was when it came over from the states, in the back yard in Lower Clapton circa 2011.

Dice x Eat Dust party in Belgium

Made it to the party with only minor issues. The oil tank mounts sheered off but one was left so duct tapped the oil tank to the frame and kept going. My spare oil tank in my pack was sitting on a bolt on my fender and sprung a leak all through my bag. Fuck. The party was rad. In an old lodge in the middle of know where. Got messy and stayed with Keith from Eat Dust. Past out in the van on the way home with Dean, threw up in the morning, lost my Simpson helmet and gloves then set off back for home.

Made it about 100km then lost spark. Couldnt figure it out and running batteryless with modern black box technology made it super hard to fjnd the problem. Narrowed it down to the cdi or coil.

Loads to do for the next trip now.

If anyone finds a black Simpson full face and red wing gloves i would be grateful to get them back. Left on my bike at the dice party. Remember Karma is a bitch.







Red Marley Hill Climb pt2

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Red Marley Hill Climb

redmarley2014 003 redmarley2014 031 redmarley2014 056 redmarley2014 060

Thanks for the pictures BenchDonkees

Honda Wiring Diagrams

For my own reference at least


BBQ and ride – 26th April 11am

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 13.53.19

21 Helmets @ See See

Corpses From Hell Photography

Some of Maxwells stunning photography from the store opening a few weeks back.

1966103_670485276332182_540580904938180410_o 1598538_670470409667002_5391127017397519915_o 1606948_670500072997369_3197636489099848048_n 10155019_670962886284421_1941388392376531744_n 10157265_670956089618434_4383721471751953972_n

WANT MORE? Of course you do – http://www.corpsesfromhell.co.uk

DicE Issue 55 Release Party: April 18th – Antwerp, Belgium

Getting ready to ride over to this next weekend – London to Belgium next friday anyone?

eat dust party flyer

James Grant Photography

JAG-KK_3 JAG-KK_6 JAG-KK_7 JAG-KK_8 JAG-KK_9 JAG-KK_18 James A. Grant JAG-KK_20 James A. Grant James A. Grant JAG-KK_27 James A. Grant James A. Grant James A. Grant JAG-KK_38 James A. Grant JAG-KK_40 James A. Grant James A. Grant James A. Grant James A. Grant James A. Grant JAG-KK_51 JAG-KK_52