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BBQ and ride – 26th April 11am

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21 Helmets @ See See

Corpses From Hell Photography

Some of Maxwells stunning photography from the store opening a few weeks back.

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WANT MORE? Of course you do –

DicE Issue 55 Release Party: April 18th – Antwerp, Belgium

Getting ready to ride over to this next weekend – London to Belgium next friday anyone?

eat dust party flyer

James Grant Photography

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Texas Joe and his tasty brisket

Thanks so much to Texas Joe for supplying us with some Beef Brisket. I for one couldn’t stop snaking on it all afternoon and it was probably the only thing that stopped my from passing out any soon after a day on the bike in the sun and a few bevies afterwards. Big thanks to Dahlia for bringing it over and spending the day making sure it was cooked to perfection. (we all know that if i was left in charge it would have been a lil chargrilled). Thanks guys and much love.

image texasjoe


Store Opening Day

Thanks to everyone that made it down for the opening day! I was overwhelmed by the number of people and bikes that turned up for coffee and to shoot the breeze in the morning.

We left about 11:45 and jumped straight on the A12 heading east. We promptly lost a bunch of people, left other broken down behind and prompted some to catch up in a hastly mannor. Off the A12 and heading for Epping forest. We quickly made our way through the forest which was short but spectacular with so many bikes and a great shade of green in the forest and the smell of old bikes in the air. Lots of onlookers wondering who the fuck this strange motel crew could be. From there Benny took us on a great route through country lanes and even down an almost gravel road for about 45 mins until we popped out at The Woodman pub where we had a couple drinks and waited for the stragglers to turn up. As soon as they did we smash it back to the shop. The ride but a good contrast to the ride out. Loads of traffic, motorways and no one letting up. We got back in about 20 mins and a few close calls later. The rest was history and a bad hang over with a few memories of the shop opening, talking some more bike shit and falling asleep with a beer in my hand thinking ‘today was a good day’.

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Maxwells borrowed bike made it just off the A12 then a 2 hour wait to get back. Doh.


Representing the USA and getting lost just in time to smash a pint then jump back on the bikes for the return journey.


@chesterbelter’s great hand made leather goods

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@garymargerumIMG_6226 copy copy

All of these shots were stollen and not taken by me.
Quite a few from @tintinovici

Kim’s Adventures in Western Sahara

I met Kim a couple months ago just before he set off on a very unplanned ambitious trip. Im going to be posting his pictures and updates on here. He didn’t know too much about his bike before he left but did just enough to get it ready.

Kim’s Words

I’ve been away for a couple of months, done about 5500k and the bike is still going strong. There’s been good waves and I’m stretching the money out as much as possible, hoping to get into Mauritania in the next week(ish), there’s a good swell hitting in a few days and I’m currently on the Dakhla peninsular about 300k from the ┬ásouthern Morocco/ Mauritania boarder so I guess I’ll stay here as long as the waves last.

The pictures are of my camp at a place called Guelta Zemmour which is about 35k from the eastern boarder with Mauritania in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (currently occupied morocco). The area was an unmapped mine field but it was insanely beautiful and safe if you stick to 4×4 tracks and river beds. The other picture is taken at a nature reserve that I spent a few days in about 350k south of Agadir. ┬áThe riding has been unbelievable, hundreds of kilometres of off-road, next to the sea dusty tracks. Too much fun. Way to much.

kim1 kim2 kim3


Toyotas and Land Rovers

Impressed by the number of rd 4×4′s on the island of Gozo.



Bikes of Malta

Last week i was lucky enough to be taken to Gozo, Malta for my birthday by my gf!! Loads off cool small cc scooters, step-throughs, dirt bikes and commuters.