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Check out the new location for Bolt.

Its right next door but its a good excuse for a knees up.


Ill take this one please. Kosuke Saito bf6

SR500 maybe?

If only i could see the rest of the bike.


Internal Throttle – Initial thoughts

Fun night in with the Patenoster tonight. I’ve been pondering how to make an internal throttle for quite a while now as it seems either very difficult to find a 7/8th throttle or excessively expensive. I would like one of the Posh made ones from Japan but at around £250 it seems rather over the top.

I starting thinking about how to make one and with a full workshop downstairs, if I can’t make one it seems like a bit of a waste of machinery.

I started thinking about what angle slot I would have to cut in a tube to get the desired horizontal movement of the cable which directly moves the slide in the carb. With a bit of thought, a few beers and banter with Maxwel I think I have come up with a formular which will give me the angle of the spiral slot ill have to cut / mill out to get the right distance to move the slide with any given throttle rotation and handlebar size.

a = angle
d = distance to move carb slide
bd = handle bar diameter
r = rotation of throttle

tan(a) = bd / ((diameter*Math.PI)*(rotationInDegrees/360))

So given all this, if I have 22.2mm (7/8th inch) handle bars, and want to rotate the throttle 120 degrees (1/3rd a turn) and want to move the carb slide 40mm (just a guess, can’t be arsed to go down stairs and measure) then the angle of the slot I can cut out of tube is 30.16 degrees.

the length of the slot can be worked out as follows:

slot length (squared) = bd (squared) + ((diameter*Math.PI)*(rotationInDegrees/360)) (squared)

which gives me a slot length of 46.27mm

Obviously I would make the slot length longer in real life just to be safe but this should take the guess work out of the whole process.

The formular in the end was pretty simple geometry but the initial application of rotational movement to horizontal displacment was racking my brains for a while. I could be massively wrong but have order the bar and will get cutting when it turns up and see how it turns out.

photo 1 photo 2

XS650 and K/K Jacket

Sam got some good shots over the weekend of the xs650 which is nearing completion and a jacket I have been working on for the last year or two. Hopefully I will have the jacket ready for pre orders before xmas. Let me know if you are interested as this will help with planning. More details to come soon. xxx



Sam Christmas Photography

Edwin Further AW15

Seems like ages ago now. A lot has changed since in only a year but this was a fun week.

-> Further Crew <-

--> Edwin <–

Gettin there


Custom vs stock


Pretty much perfect

The peoples champ for BF 2014 and on sale on ebay.com nowMike Neilsen