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Store Opening Day

Thanks to everyone that made it down for the opening day! I was overwhelmed by the number of people and bikes that turned up for coffee and to shoot the breeze in the morning.

We left about 11:45 and jumped straight on the A12 heading east. We promptly lost a bunch of people, left other broken down behind and prompted some to catch up in a hastly mannor. Off the A12 and heading for Epping forest. We quickly made our way through the forest which was short but spectacular with so many bikes and a great shade of green in the forest and the smell of old bikes in the air. Lots of onlookers wondering who the fuck this strange motel crew could be. From there Benny took us on a great route through country lanes and even down an almost gravel road for about 45 mins until we popped out at The Woodman pub where we had a couple drinks and waited for the stragglers to turn up. As soon as they did we smash it back to the shop. The ride but a good contrast to the ride out. Loads of traffic, motorways and no one letting up. We got back in about 20 mins and a few close calls later. The rest was history and a bad hang over with a few memories of the shop opening, talking some more bike shit and falling asleep with a beer in my hand thinking ‘today was a good day’.

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Maxwells borrowed bike made it just off the A12 then a 2 hour wait to get back. Doh.


Representing the USA and getting lost just in time to smash a pint then jump back on the bikes for the return journey.


@chesterbelter’s great hand made leather goods

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@garymargerumIMG_6226 copy copy

All of these shots were stollen and not taken by me.
Quite a few from @tintinovici

One thought on “Store Opening Day

  1. Looks like a great turn out and a great day. Sorry I couldn’t make it bud, moving house was so much fun though!
    The shop looks great, best of luck for you and the place!

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