Sr400 with a boxy ass

Working on an sr400 currently. Wheels have been sent off to get all new looking and the rear is coming off. Not sure why there is so much box section at the back. It looks ugly as sin so will be replaced with a nice new rear loop


Early Harley’s

William Harley and Arthur Davidson, 1914 – The company was founded in 1903 and demand for motorcycles grew starting with WWI.

In case you didnt know.


Enough for tonight


Nothing like working to a deadline

Lots of hands helping out which i really appreciate and wouldnt have been able to get it close to finished without. Josh, nate, maxwell, jr, chris, andy, rory and tamara thanks for your help.







Xs fuel tank

I think the tank im using is an Aermacchi tank but could be wrong. It looks sweet but had a few issues. I cut the old threaded bung down and will braze a filler post in there to blank it off. I made some new angled threaded bungs that i will weld on tonight that clear the motor and carbs and should look pretty neat an tidy. I drilled through the frame an put a post through with tank rubbers on each end that work with the existing tank mounts. Need to finish it tonight then off for paint tomorrow




xs650 Dirt Bike Bobber

After picking up an almost finished xs650 scrambler thing I have taken most of the parts off and started again. Its going to be tight but should be done for the Bike Shed show in a couple weeks or less. IMG_6963 IMG_5018 IMG_5025

CB650 chop – Lucifour

Is getting there. Simons CB650 chopcb650 Chop IMG_5011 IMG_5020 Chop came in pretty much falling apart, not charging, a few mystery switches, falling off tank and timing not even close. Full rewire, new tank mounted, forks cleaned up, new headlight, taillight, sissy bar and strong mounted fender and its almost out the door.

xs650 Top yoke

IMG_5031The top yoke design I have been working on with Nate (the Gabriel Hounds) is slowly coming along. Come down to the bike shed show to see the final product on the xs650 im currently building. Its been a very interesting project with a lot of trial and error but the end result should be something quite unique. In adition to the top yoke the bike will also have a custom switch unit and tail light that has also been 3D printed then cast.

Brit Parts Manuals

Good selection of parts manuals here. Must have taken some time to put together.



I kow I will be coming back to this several times.