The Trip(ped the fuck) Out

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photos by James A Grant

Exhaust engineering and parts

This place looks like it could come in handy for making exhausts. I think i want to make some mufflers for the xs650 held on with springs all maid from stainless.

Update: shit i thought they were uk based. To good to be true. Anyone got any contact for something similar this side of the drink?


Got the xs650 running over the weekend. Only 1 minor hickup with the clutch push rod pinion missing. Amazingly found it in a totally different box. Wired it up and rode it to the Black skulls bike show. Disnt have time for an mot or tax but the duct tapped on numberplate fell off pretty quick anyway so no
Chance of a camera fine :)





California Dreaming

Having just landed back in London and only 1 day ago was riding through Joshua Tree with 3 guys I had only meet that week. Shirts off and only wearing cuts. Riding into the desert with air hitting you in the face it was like someone was holding a hair drying up in your grill.

We left LA in the early afternoon and hit the highway to get outta town quick. The highways are pretty boring but being my first road trip in the states on a bike there was plenty to keep me entertained. SUV’s as big as Lorries, concrete slab freeways with grooves in them that make your tyres track all over the place but I wasn’t complaining. We hit pretty bad traffic and din’t slow down. Splitting lanes as good as I could on the 2014 103 ci (1600cc) Herritage soft tail I had rented. I thought I was doing pretty good until 2 mexican dudes with over the should apps and forward shot passed me wearing matching check shirts and cuts.

We rode for an hour or so then stopped when it got too hot. We pulled over where the valley narrowed and there were wind turbine’s as far as the eye could see. It made sense to have them there I suppose cos the wind was a bit more than a breese. It must have been around 45c and it was almost cooler when we stopped compared to being on the bikes.

From there we turned off and headed for Joshua Tree national park. The roads got smaller and the scenery more epic. We reached small town and filled up with gas, a fresh sub and a couple of tallboys. These guys I rode with loved to stop and have one for the road.

We kept riding and finally arrived at one of their mates houses. It was down a dusty road and didn’t look like much from the front. But out the back was the dream. A shipping container full of dirt bikes, a jet stream camper kitted out for guests, huge open plan house with taxidermy, open fire and a few guys ready to roll by the front door. The cali guys got medicinal on the situation while I had a quick nap. I had just flown in from NZ where it was winter and probably the middle of the night. We got the dirt bikes out and had a quick blast around the track that was out the back of the property. None of use were mad for dirt biking I think and after a few laps each got stuck into the beers and a bbq. We chatted shit, smoked, drank showed pictures of bikes we had or were thinking of having. It was good to be around like minded people doing the same shit I do in my workshop with my mates back in the UK.

The next day we woke up early as it gets hot as fuck as soon as the sun it up. Woolsy slept on a mattress on top of the shipping container and Jeremy slept in a deck chair by the pool. We rode into town to stock up on supplied then heading back for a breakfast bbq and manmossa’s (miller high life and oj). I had to get back to LA to renturn my hog be we decided we could take the long and more scenic way back so we rolled out further into the desert before hanging a right and headed into the mountains. The air quickly cooled and I could feel my sunburn all over with matching tan lines from swimming in my pants the day before. The roads were super twisty with switch backs and epic views over the desert. The big bike handled suprisingly well but I couldn’t help think a smaller 4 would have been epic on those mountain roads. The air smelt of pine as we rolled past a massive dried up lake and then finally caught a glimps of Bear Bear lake. We didn’t stick around for long as I had a plane to catch. We high-tailed it through the mountains then onto the free way.

A trip to never forget.

Live to ride. Ride to live.

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Los Angeles

Here for 6 days and day 1 was pretty dam good.






Next stop Joshua Tree.

Happy customer

This is from last year, Pat and the z750 I made for him. 928393_650557461680233_866909311_n

Moulded Sportster

I <3 choppers.


Honda CB750

With some sort of ARD mag trickery and some ridiculous disc brakes. Looks sweet with a bit of rake in the front end too. tumblr_n5o7awN2Ke1t7jko7o1_1280

I like

Via Roller magazine fb



Summit Road

Quick little ride up the port hills today. I was only out for an hour or two and saw very few other cars and loads of amazing scenery. I used to cycle up here when i was a teen ager just to see how fast i could go on the way down. Fastest i got was 85kph on my mountain bike on the last steepest section of road before having to slam on the brakes to make the t junction at the bottom.