Bikes of Malta

Last week i was lucky enough to be taken to Gozo, Malta for my birthday by my gf!! Loads off cool small cc scooters, step-throughs, dirt bikes and commuters.







Nice day for working outside







Started out with the intension of working on the xs and triumph but as usual it took longer than anticipated. Got the bsa oil tank mounted which i have been pondering for too long. Mounted in 3 places so hopefully will last longer than the last couple tanks that perished from vibration. Wired in a boyer power box which eliminates the battery. Then realised the old seat bracket had disintegrated so quickly made a new one out of some box section i had lying around. Finally i welded up the snapped frsme with help from Tamara who showed me a good technique for making a pattern for a gusset. Instead of guessing with pen, paper and scissors use play-doe or blue-tack to give you the exact shape. The frame now should be alright for around the city but will need another gusset or a new frame for getting out of the e3.

K/K Store Opening – 29th March


K/K Store Opening

Kingdom of kicks opens it’s doors to the public with a retail space stocking apparel, accessories and parts as well as workshop service.

Meet us at MUFF Café for coffees and breakfast on Saturday morning, before a ride-out into Essex then back to Kingdom of Kicks for the official Store opening, BBQ and Drinks.

Meet at Muff Café at 10.30am for breakfast and chat shit about bikes
Ride leaves 11:30 sharp. Come fuelled up.
Back to the shop for a BBQ and store opening at 3:30pm.

Ride your oldest bike!

Kingdom of Kicks, Beachy Rd, E32NT, London, UK
Muff Café, Roach Rd, just round the corner.

I have been thinking about opening this store for a really long time. I wanted to create a place where people can come and get help on their projects, talk about bikes, and pick up some pieces that they can’t seem to find anywhere. As anyone who knows me will already know, I love working on and building bikes as much as i love riding them and I figure so do a bunch of other people too.

I will not only be stocking a load of parts (as i know the feeling only too well of having the wait for that fucking delivery to arrive) but also some clothing and accessories by the people who are killing it right now and others that you may not have heard of, chosen for their impeccable quality and design.

This store will be for people that prefer to work on and ride their bikes more than they like to read about others doing it. Bare bones motorcyle culture with a touch of outdoor lifestyle and travel.

I hope this launch event will be the start of things to come. Rides, BBQs, Beers & Bikes. The good shit.

Opening times as follows:

Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday:11am – 4:30pm

Appointments for other times possible.




Does anyone know what bike this is? Engine and or Frame? Maxwell and I are getting dirt bikes although he wants something that might actually work and I want something older that will probably never work but will look cool as shit. Front&Rear_Stands_Small-1

This thing – t110


As seen on Chop Cult with more pictures here.

6TA Pre Unit Triumph

Hey all. I have the chance to buy a 6TA pre unit triumph. It has a Factory Metal Works hard tail and the engine has been sonic cleaned and blasted and is ready to put back together. It has a 750 top end so loads of grunt. I have most of the other parts in my workshop to make the bike into something amazing . If anyone is looking for a Triumph Pre Unit bobber or chopper then let me know as I would love to make this into something special for you.

Below is some inspiration from Todd @ Small City Cycles. smallcitycyclesborn+free+5+bike+060

Retail Store Opening 29th March 14

Kingdom of Kicks will be open for business as of the 22nd 29th March offering motorcycle parts, magazines, accessories and clothing as well as a workshop and friendly advice. We will launch with a ride and opening party. Stay tuned. Hackney Wick, London.Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 23.41.56

T110 motor

Its now done and in the frame. Need to order loads of small parts so i can kick it over and see if the mag works. One step at a time.


Triumph chopper wiring diagram

Drew this up for a friend while sitting at a cafe in Paris the other week. Its a wiring diagram for positive earth dual coil running a boyer ignition and modern single phase reg rec.

This set up is fairly universal and most bits can be swapped out for your own set up.


Mechanical work on Simons cb650

Of which none went down tonight. Ended up staring at the bike all night and playing with different tanks and bars.