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Seat done on Andy’s CB



Thanks to Stan for another sweet sew up job. The seat sits nice and snug with the tail light and fender I made up. Next on the list is to lower the front with some spacers and find a new tank that fits with minimum effort.

One thought on “Seat done on Andy’s CB

  1. Hay, cheeky questions, Im building a XS650 I fitted a rear loop and seat pan, started to do the seat foam shaping and after seeing the job on this seat I think it would be perfect to hand it over to a guy who knows his shit with shaping and leather, yours looks great. Any chance of a Number of your man? Or you guys be the go between? I have been following you on instagram dg_man is me my build is on there.
    Also have to say love the Green desert sled you guys are working on and that leads to my tank. I have the 79 special & tank has the big old gold badges its black which I want to ditch. I had the tank restored with a liner, came out great so its ready to go. If you guys have a good XS2 or early tank like yours would you trade? I am also looking for someone to go through my engine, fit a power dynamo kit for the electrics and either balance the original carbs or I think pair of round slide VM 32s would be much better? The motor has done 16000 but being real its sat most of its life, it runs but id like to know it will for many miles not just to the pub and die on the way back. You guys look real and creative I saw you at the Bike Shed show last year. Where are you guys located ? The exhaust on your desert sled, did you fab those or are they from Cobalt Tony? I recognise them of his trackers he does, they look awesome anyways Latter DG

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